Roofing maintenance and installationsRoofing Maintenance and Installations

Broken, cracked or just flat out missing tiles from your Spanish tiled roof? Have the wind and other elements blown away or otherwise absconded with shingles from your roof? Are sections of your composite roof deteriorating? Did that new satellite dish or air conditioner installation breach the surface of your roof? Even just a tiny puncture can result in huge leak deluging your home with water, causing tons of damage.

Your home’s roof is one of those things you never think about…until it rains. And then it’s too late. Southern California’s year-round sun and baking heat dries, cracks and degrades roofing materials and insulation of all kinds. That’s why no roofing company offers a warranty longer than 10 years. How old is your roof?

Whether you need tile, shingle or breach repairs, or a brand new roof installation, Ghandyman is at your service. Our professional roofing crew will make repairs quickly and efficiently, using top quality materials with results that guarantee your satisfaction.

Don’t wait for a tiny leak to become a huge problem—get in touch to with Ghandyman TODAY! 

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*Ghandyman is licensed and insured and all projects are completed with permits, the cost of which is included in the final price